Born to win at Texas Hold'em Poker

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Were you Born for Holdem? Some players were born for holdem poker, and they make plenty of money online. But if not born4holdem, you can still learn the skills necessary to make good money and live for holdem poker or other variations like PLO.

Texas Holdem Poker has rapidly become the most popular variation of the game of poker. Because it provides for both great televised events and thrilling entertainment at home or on the Web.

Holdem's unique format where you have two hidden cards but they all share the community cards galvanizes action, strategy, deception and warfare at the table.

Vanessa was Born for Texas Hold'em Poker

Were you Born 4 Holdem? Vanessa Rousso was certainly born for poker and Texas Hold'em Poker. As a poker player she was also interested in playing at top online casino sites. Only 26 years old, this super hot poker babe already has tournament winnings exceeding $2.1 million.

Indeed Vanessa does not just love to play poker at her favorite online casino or poker room, as she recently made the cover of a "Sports Illustrated" magazine, proof that good looks and good brains can co-exist.

Yes, as if her poker achievements were not enough, she also recently had photo shots published in Sports Illustrated. And she is half French. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? Too late, a male poker pro Chad Brown was very fast and married her already.


Online pokies is another very popular form of poker played over the Internet. The online pokies payout is different from regular online poker as the goal is to get a rare hand which will paye a large jackpot.

Video poker is based on variants of the basic five-card draw poker, with large jackpots allocated to specific unusual hands. For example in the Deuces Wild version, the two is used as a wild card and four of a kinds deuces pays the jackpot.

When you learn more about video poker note that you want to get a jackpot, or even better, some machines have a progressive jackpot. Each time you go to deposit online casino funds you want to know you are in for a great time and when you go with one of the casinos suggested at you will know this is a reality.

Vanessa Rousso does not play video poker as it requires playing this modified five-card draw poker against the house, but Vanessa prefers human opponents in flesh and bones. If you want to know more about Vanessa you can see her play poker at pokerstars and maybe start a chat with her.

Did you know that you could buy hand histories?

This is one of the most secret Texas Hold'em tips unknown to beginners.

If you are an advanced player, you know the benefit of using a poker tracker & a HUD and to feed them with your hand histories. Most regular players use this method for gaining a critical edge over their competitors.

The next step is to purchase observed datamined hand histories for a deeper insight into how your opponents play. Learn more.

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Cake Poker is a poker room allowing US based players. It is a medium-size poker room running its own network, so they gain consistent traffic by adding new rooms under their skin, such as Doyles room in 2009.

Why is Texas Holdem Poker so popular?

Most experts agree that the main reason is Henry Orenstein's invention and 1995 patent of the hole cam. This has truly revolutionized the game and made poker interesting for TV viewers.

As these ubiquitous cameras placed under thecasino table show the players' hole cards to the public, they are perfect for television as it is a lot of fun to see & hear the big bluffs and the techniques used by the greatest poker players.

Another reason for texas holdem's success is the use of community cards which make the game more "social". The flop, turn and river cards are shared by all players, but only one benefits. In other poker variations like draw or stud poker, each player plays his own individual cards.

It is simple for viewers to understand what is going on in televised events thanks to the display of the cards on the screen. Also let's not forget that the amount of money involved in some tournament events is astronomical, attracting international crowds of poker fans. The last WSOP first prize was $9,152,416, and first prizes routinely surpass the one million mark.

Joe Cada who won this amazing first prize after defeating 6,493 other players is a 21 years old kid dropped out of college to play poker full time.

To be honest this is extreme and we recommend to all our young readers to get a high education rather than choosing to be a poker pro. Online poker should just be a hobby for the majority of players.

If you're interested in other card games, you can check out games like online blackjack and see how you like them. Playing poker professionally is like choosing to be a movie star or a tennis pro as a career, very few succeed but most fail.

In addition your poker income will have a lot of variance. If you are looking to take a break from the world of online poker, have a visit to a good online casino? What is popular are the USA live dealer casinos, as they give you the feeling of being in a real casino while in the comfort of your home.

British players who enjoy poker and are interested in playing at online casinos may like to visit this website for reviews, ratings and other useful info.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Another interesting poker game is Omaha Holdem, or Pot-Limit Omaha in its most popular variation. Very similar to Texas Holdem Poker as it is derived from it, it feels like a holdem game on steroid as big hands are more frequent, even quads.

The regular occurrence of monster hands leads to more action, more large pots and overall a very enjoyable poker playing fun time.

Learn to play Texas Hold'em first, but when you know holdem give a shot to Omaha poker and you will not be disappointed. Omaha can also be played in the Omaha High/Low variation, a game full of opportunitities.

As Pot-Limit Omaha is still new and not well understood, this is where the money is. Many novice players try it and you can make excellent profits if you build up your skills. Players at all levels can try their luck with a game of enjoyable bingo to build confidence.

You can find games of pot-limit omaha and omaha hi/lo at most poker rooms. Learning these games will make you a more rounded player, and it can only improve your skills. Or check the Spin Palace online casino review for a wider choice of games.

The most active online poker rooms offering these Omaha games are the leading sites Pokerstars and Party Poker. Full Tilt used to gather a crowd of regular pros playing ultra high stakes PLO games attracting railbirds, constant news and gossiping into the online poker world.

The site juat recently reopened. If you are looking for some intense online poker action, try pokerstars instead and take advantage of the many online poker cash games and tournaments.

The top pros in these games routinely win or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in one session, sometimes one million or more.

The high stakes poker tables are not for the faint of heart, but you can use 'fun money' for a less stressful entertainment.