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Full Tilt is the second largest poker site and offers many types of sit and go tournaments. They range from $1+$0.20 buy-ins all the way up to $5,500 + $200 buy-ins.

The great thing is that Full Tilt offers this wide range of variety which caters to everyone's individual preferences. As well, Full Tilt poker offers different types of sit and go's including single table, multi table, matrix, heads-up, and even satellites for other tournaments.

This article discusses sit and go advice for the strategy involved for medium level buy-ins ranging from $22 to $55. This level of sit and go at Full Tilt requires a player with a decent set of poker IQ, which makes it more interesting.

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Lower buy-in sng tounaments attract a lot of players who play the game lacking poker knowledge and the poker strategy involved isn't as effective. When you play the buy-ins closer to $100, you begin to see very experienced players whose style of play goes beyond the basic strategy of succeeding at sit'n gos.

The game of poker is comparable to survival. The last person standing wins. Simple as that. Poker strategy gives an advantage to a certain player increasing his chances of survival and outlasting the other opponents. This strategy depends on the blind levels as is explained below.

SNG blind levels

The first part of sit and go strategy involves what type of starting hands is playable in comparison to the blind level.

At the beginning of the tournament, the blinds are relatively small in comparison to your starting stack. This means that it doesn't cost much for you to play a hand. With this being said, patience is the key.

There is no point of being pressured to play hands at the beginning of the sit and go when the blinds involved are close to none compared to your starting stack. The next key at the beginning of the sit and go is to not fall to the temptation of gambling.

The idea at the beginning is to try and get as many chips as possible that can benefit for your play later when the blinds increase. Note that putting all your money in on a straight or flush draw and risking your whole stack on this does not make sense at all.

With the idea of earning as many chips as possible at the beginning, it is important to bet when you hit your hand. Unless you hold the nuts or you are confident enough thinking you have the best hand, slow playing will in fact risk what you potentially can earn and increase your stack.

How many times have you hit top pair and slowed played it until getting busted out by a straight? This type of risk at the beginning of the Full Tilt tournament is unnecessary and will affect your chances of survival.

So we will say 4-5 blind levels have gone through and you haven't really had the big hands and haven't played a lot of pots. Now it is time to switch gears.

The benefit of reaching this level and not playing too much gives you the advantage of projecting the image of being a tight player to the other players. Now, you will play starting hands as well as marginal hands, such as suited connectors. Small suited connectors are cards that can really get you in trouble, but at this point of the sit'n go you must take this risk to exceed it with its benefits. So how are you supposed to play these hands?

Do you call or raise? The idea for success is to be a raiser rather than a caller. Becoming a raiser will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly, if you're considered a tight player and raise with a marginal hand, this really adds value to that hand by other players thinking that if this player is uncharacteristically raising, he must have a big hand. The second benefit is that if you continually raise on a frequent basis, the other players will begin to notice that you aren't raising every time with KK or AQ all the time and that you are raising with a wide variety of hands.

This really makes the other players becoming unsure as to what you actually have, since you raise frequently. This benefits your play when hitting your hand and adds to the possibility of bluffing your opponents. The question now is how much do you raise? It is generally agreed that raising 3-4 times the big blind pre-flop is a proper raise. This helps eliminating other weaker starting hands that could possibly beat you in a showdown.

Now we will say you have reached the final 3-4 with a relatively average chip stack. At this point you are 1-2 position away from a money position (the bubble). The normal thought of most players is to play very conservatively and to wait until the other players get knocked out to slide into a money position.

But the best strategy is to be aggressive in this situation. Raising pre-flop allows you to win a decent amount of blind money, when your opponents will find their hands uninteresting.

Let's say now that you have survived the bubble and are up against either 1 or 2 players. This part of the tournament is when you must become aggressive. When there is only 2-3 people entering a pot, the possibility of someone actually hitting a hand are a lot lower. This means it is important to try and identify a weak hand from an opponent and capitalize on it with a bluff.

Full Tilt Poker Sit'n Gos

The great thing about sit and gos is that you are getting a lot of action for the money you are paying. If you successfully survive and win, you will have gained the experience of playing a full table, to the bubble, as well as heads-up.

One thing to keep in mind when playing is if you get into the situation of having a relatively low stack in comparison to the other players, you must attempt to double up and commit all your chips to a good hand.

This is important because most likely you will have to gamble with an all in eventually and the quicker you earn chips, the more likely you can apply strategy toward your game instead of depending on a random chance. The more you sit around and barely make it passed blind levels, you're not only affecting your chances of winning, but you're wasting your time.

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